Barriers and Dividers

Social distancing barriers, dividers and sneeze guards keep employees safe and reduce the spread of unwanted particles

Solutions for:

  • Common areas (lunch rooms, prayer rooms and office spaces)
  • Processing lines
  • Wash down areas
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Packaging areas
  • Freezer door applications
Processing line barriers and dividers Barriers and Sneeze Guards Flyer
Clear Vinyl Wash-down Curtain Barrier Clear Plexiglass Barrier White Polypropylene Barrier TPU and PVC Belting materials
Clear Vinyl Wash
Down Curtain
Clear Acrylic
Clear Polycarbonate
White Polypropylene PVC and TPU Food Grade Belting Materials
24″W x 720″L x 0.12″T

48″W x 720″L x 0.12″T

48″W x 720″L x 0.16″T

Acrylic: 48″W x 96″L x 0.177″T

48″W x 96″L x 0.25″T

Polycarbonate: 48″W x 96″L x 0.118″T

48″W x 72″L x 0.187″T

Order in bulk so you can do your own fabrication and installation (stock items ship next day)

Co-design a custom solution:

  • Cut to size
  • Hanging attachment fabrication for metal frames or
    track systems
  • Holes
  • Grommets
  • Hooks or clips
  • Velcro®
  • Floor stand or table top fabrication for rigid materials
    (stationary or mobile)
  • Metal or plastic stands
  • Wheels
  • Cut outs
  • Talk to a fabrication specialist for other options

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